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Hitzer Model 503 E-Z Flo Fireplace Insert expresses outstanding design, first-class originality, and extreme customer satisfaction.  The 503 fireplace insert is growing in popularity because of the unique and convenient qualities this stove has to offer.  Customers are utterly amazed by the qualities and capabilities provided by the 503 E-Z Flo insert.  These unique qualities consist of size, structure, convenience, and efficiency.


Developed to comfortably fit into almost every standard masonry fireplace, the 503 fireplace insert provides a large amount of heat output, while enhancing the beauty of a traditional fireplace.  Built for customer satisfaction and convenience the Hitzer 503 is equipped with a thirty pound E-Z flo hopper design system. The 503 has grown immensely in popularity because of this unique and popular hopper insert design. With advance design to exploit efficiency the 503 insert utilizes the baffle plate design system as well as incorporates three air intake locations to maximize heat and efficiency.  With heating capabilities of up to three thousand square feet, and eighty thousand btu’s

the Hitzer 503 E-Z Flo Fireplace Insert will greatly enhance one’s home in beauty while producing cost efficiency and superior heat satisfaction.



Gravity Fed Hopper, Steel Construction, Firebrick Lined, Cast Iron Grates, Single Fuel Door, Exterior Grate Shaker, Sliding Damper System, Removable Ash Pan, Three Air Intake Locations, Two 100 CFM Blowers, 6" Flue, 6" or 8" Shroud Surround, Multiple Fuel Capabilities (Anthracite or Bituminous [w/ hopper removed] Coal), Stove Bright Paint in Metallic Black


Optional Features

Gold or Pewter Accents, Custom Size Shrouds, Medium Ash Tote


Additional Info

Hitzer 503 E-Z Flo Fireplace Insert

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